cleaning checklist

With our 96 Points checklist, Vida Cleaners Promises Reliability, Meticulous Care & Exceptional Service

Standard cleaning checklist

Standard cleaning includes:

Bedroom Standard cleaning

Bedroom Standard clean includes:

Bedroom Deep clean

*Recommended for homes not professionally cleaned in over a month

Bedroom deep cleaning includes:

Bathroom Standard cleaning

Bathroom Standard clean includes:

Bathroom Deep clean

*Recommended for homes not professionally cleaned in over a month

Bathroom Deep Cleaning includes:

Common Area Standard Cleaning

Common Area Standard Clean includes:

Common Area Deep Clean

*Recommended for homes not professionally cleaned in over a month

Common Area Deep clean includes:

Kitchen Standard cleaning

Kitchen Standard clean includes:

Kitchen Deep Clean

Recommended for homes not professionally cleaned in over a month

kitchen deep clean includes:

Important Notes

Please read the important notes below to prevent any confusions. We value our Customer time & Satisfaction.

👉 Selecting the above options does not include any other add-on service and any add-ons (example: oven, inside the fridge, and interior window cleaning) you would like to include need to be individually added.

👉The additional charge for the add-on is a minimum charge and might be increased based on the condition of the home.

👉Animal pet waste will not be cleaned.

👉If there is clutter or trash that needs to be picked up or removed, the appointment will be cancelled or an additional charge will be implemented.

👉We highly recommend a deep cleaning for first-time clients if your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned in over a month.

👉We recommend our heavy-duty cleaning for homes not cleaned in 2+ months.

👉Inaccurate (insufficient) information may result in extra charges.

👉Upholstery/carpet/rug/curtain cleaning services

👉Removing splattered paint from any areas of the home

👉Cleaning of walls, spots, or stains

👉Washing dishes

👉Picking up clothing or folding laundry

👉Cleaning unemptied cabinets and pantries

👉Moving furniture or heavy objects Washer and dryer cleaning

👉Changing or cleaning air conditioning filters

👉Exterior cleaning such as floors, doors, windows, and exterior window screens

👉Resurfacing calk/grout Reorganizing closets, cabinets or shelf lining

👉Chimney cleaning

👉Waxing floors or polishing tiles

👉Changing curtains

👉Cleaning any sewage related items included clogged drains

👉Deep cleaning of refrigerators such as in between drawer plastic or behind the fridge

👉Garage cleaning

👉Pest control services

👉Pet waste removal

Frequent Asked Question FAQs

Our standard cleaning includes dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors in all rooms. We also clean the bathrooms, including mirrors, toilets, showers, and bathtubs. Kitchen surfaces, sinks, and appliance exteriors are wiped or cleaned down, too.

Most of our clients prefer a weekly or every 2-week schedule to keep their homes consistently clean. However, we can tailor our visits to suit your needs and lifestyle. Just contact us on our WhatsApp or contact form on our website.

For the most efficient cleaning, we recommend picking up any household items on the floor or surfaces to allow our cleaners to focus on cleaning.

No, we don't do the dishes and laundry in Standard cleaning. You can add it as an add-on service in our extras in the booking form step 2.

Deep cleans are more thorough and can take roughly twice as long as standard cleans, depending on the size of your home and the specific Extra services you've requested.

We recommend a deep clean for first-time clients or those who last cleaned their homes professionally over a month ago. After that, every three months is a standard interval.

Our For Mold and Mildew deep cleaning service, which includes treatment for common areas where mold and mildew can accumulate, such as bathrooms and kitchens, using eco-friendly products, don't hesitate to contact us on our contact form or WhatsApp us. We will customize this service as it is unavailable in our booking form and only available on special request.

Absolutely! We offer customizable deep cleaning services. You can choose specific rooms or areas in your home for a deep clean based on your needs by contacting us, or you can select your desired number of rooms in our booking form and put your remarks & requirements in the additional information section of our booking form.